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We understand how difficult it can be when tracking down your past, especially when it comes down to ancestors. Fact is, there's a very limited amount of information you can obtain via public records. Even then, it becomes increasingly difficult to piece together your past, alongside of your relatives. Which not only creates false positives, but might lead you to very inaccurate information. For a number of years, we've been operating in Lancashire as the #1 ancestry archive. Not only do we use our own private archive to track down long lost ancestors, but we have a team of private investigators who thoroughly search and investigate to obtain tidbits of information piece together the past. it is our guarantee that if you do not find our services to be accurate, you will receive a full refund. Guaranteed.

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Work can be hard… Sometimes?

As an employer it is your job to ensure that your workers are staying as efficient as possible, whether that means cutting them back on break time, requesting that they study at a specific school about whatever subject is necessary to expand in or asking them if they could take more hours if they’re a more efficient worker in comparison to the next. Usually these improvements not only increase their pay, but they’re also implemented to improve the company that employs this person. Now, this is the exact opposite subject of this post. In fact, this post is going to go in depth to explain WHY these things are bad and why they don’t work when trying to improve a business. (Pardon me for any grammar errors. While writing this article I’ve been playing this new game I’m currently addicted to called Racing Rivals. The only reason I still play is because I found a racing rivals hack, it’s helped me gain some massive street credit at the workplace… and maybe some free donuts)

Advice #1: Don’t push your employees.

Doing so will not only separate you further from your employees, but it’ll ruin any chance of maintaining a business relationship with them, let alone a regular friendship. By pushing them harder than other employees, it’ll make them feel used. Especially if you’re stingy and don’t want to increase their pay for their added workload. Be considerate of your employees. Because at the end of the day, they’re the ones making you money.

Advice #2: Appreciation goes a long way

There’s always a time when an employee does something out of the ordinary. It’s either done to get the bosses attention, or it is done because they TRULY appreciate the company that they work for. By not showing some sort of appreciation, your employees may feel as if they’re working for nothing. A little thank you can really move mountains, especially in corporate offices.

Advice #3: Growing with your business

You know what employees hate more than anything in the world? Bosses that are complete bums. They talk behind your back about you, they make fun of you when you aren’t looking. And the worst? They feel extremely awkward in your presence. If you’re not growing in your tasks with your employees, you’re nothing more than a backseat driver. Don’t be a backseat driver – push forward with your employees in your own life also.

Advice #4: Show a good work ethic

Even more than boss that doesn’t grow at the same pace is you, being a boss that has no work ethic whatsoever is probably one of the most irritating things an employee can experience in his company. If you’re not showing your employees the reason why you’re top dog, then you shouldn’t be a boss in the first place. By showing your employees you have a good work ethic, not only will they push themselves furthers, but they’ll respect you for it too.

Advice #5: Be lenient at times

Nobody hates anymore more than a stick in the mud. If you’re always hard on your employees, there might be more mistakes made, alongside of feelings hurt. Don’t take work too seriously, or you might end up losing all your employees.

Closing thoughts on that last piece of advice – I take my work very seriously, but I’m extremely lenient when it comes down to vacations, in-life complications and family problems. If any of your workers are facing any of these issues, you should be more lenient towards them. And HEY, I find video games to really release tension in the work environment. In FACT, I encourage my employees to join my Racing Rivals clan and play alongside with me during lunch. In doing so, not only am I releasing workplace tension, but I’m establishing a sense of friendship. Whether professional or… maybe a tad unprofessional? At least until they find out about my hacks…. SHHHH

Restricted Information.

rustedlockJust recently we had a little bit
of trouble with one of our associates regarding information that was stored in an archive and somewhat private. To this date, we have never had anything related to this issue. In fact,  I don’t think we’ve ever been prevented from seeking information for somebody. Had I thought that this would happen, I wouldn’t assume it happened like this. It’s been years since we’ve had any complications when obtaining a public record, I’m beyond baffled that we’d encounter something as difficult as this.

Several weeks ago, we sent out one of our private investigators to Liverpool  to further obtain information on a lead we had dug up for a case which was recently opened by a good friend of mine. It wasn’t the first time he had opened up a case with us, as we had done some digging into his wives past, as she wanted to know more information about her great Grandmother. Seeing the accurate information we had provided his wife, he decided that it’d be a great investment to further investigate his family ties as well. Believe it or not, a large majority of the business that we obtain is purely from referrals and word of mouth. Although we do gain a lot of customers from the web, we definitely thrive off of the referrals we obtain.

As our private investigator began digging deeper into this case, he began to realize how absolutely difficult it would be to obtain information purely from his own unique investigation tactics. The only other way he could obtain any more information is if he were to contact governmental public record facilities, which tends to be our last resort option when we’re in a crunch to find more information. However, this seemed as if it would be the best tactic to use, whether or not they’d have enough viable information to provide or not. In rare cases, a lot of files are empty or relatively unrecognizable, which is why we don’t normally go down this route of investigation.

However our  private investigator did. What he did not know, however, is that whatever information he was attempting to dig up was so classified that even somebody with respectable credentials probably wouldn’t have a chance to obtain these files. They were not only restricted to civilians and police, but they were also restricted to those in higher level positions. Even the person whom had been serving our private investigator at this specific archive location was stunned that these were so heavily restricted.  In all the years she had claimed to work at this establishment, she had never come across a file being so  heavily restricted before. Which can seriously beg the question of “why”. More so, the real question lied in the hands of the client himself.

Who in the world was he related to?

In all the years that we’ve been in this practice and all the years we’ve gone through case files.Never have we personally come across this instance. In fact, I don’t think we’ll ever come across it again, as this was a very rare but somewhat interesting experience.


Who knows? Maybe we might, but I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon.